Renys taps Junction Solutions to implement Microsoft Dynamics and launch mutichannel strategy

Denver -- Junction Solutions announced that Renys, which operates 16 discount stores in Maine, has selected Junction Solutions to implement Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 and help launch its multichannel retail strategy, while automating manual processes and improving visibility and collaboration throughout its store locations.

Renys decided to replace its financial and point of sale (POS) legacy systems so it could unify all of its enterprise data into one platform, automate its numerous manual processes, and access and view business information in real time. To achieve these strategic goals, Renys selected Junction Solutions as its technology partner to implement and manage its Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 and POS system in a hybrid model that includes an on-premise and cloud deployment. Junction Solutions also will implement Renys’ online storefront, provide training and a 24/7 global development and support team to manage the company’s systems.

“We were impressed with Junction Solutions’ expertise in the retail market and its track record of successful enterprise deployments particularly with multichannel retailers,” said John Reny, CEO of Renys. “Since our founding more than 63 years ago, we have successfully grown because we have stayed true to the same core values of providing the highest quality merchandise at affordable prices, while offering good old-fashioned customer service. We chose Junction Solutions as our long-term partner since they have the expertise and solutions to help us continue to execute on that tried and true business philosophy by enabling us to optimize efficiency throughout our operations and keep up with growth, while meeting the increasing customer demand for multichannel commerce.”

Specifically, Renys wants to improve visibility into inventory and sales throughout all of its stores. With the Microsoft POS and financial systems, employees will be able to find immediately out-of-stock items at other store locations rather than undertaking the time consuming process of calling or faxing each store as is the case with the current system. 

Renys also plans to significantly slash the time it takes its buyers to perform forecast and sales analysis since they currently have to rely on primarily manually driven sales spreadsheets and reports that often are not considered accurate. Renys expects to reduce the time it takes for its end-of -month and end-of-year reconciliations by automating many of the manual financial processes used today.

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