Report: Barnes & Noble targets Amazon affiliates involved in sales tax fight

New York City -- Barnes & Noble invited's affiliates to join its program instead in an "open letter" Monday, as Amazon continues to oppose legislation that requires it to collect sales taxes in several states, the Associated Press reported.

Affiliates are website and blog operators who link to the retailers' sites. If someone follows the link and buys a product through Amazon or Barnes & Noble, for example, the websites get a cut. Amazon says if it does not have a physical presence in a state, it shouldn't have to collect sales taxes. The states say it does, because it has a network of local affiliates who do have a local presence.

Amazon has cut ties with affiliates in states including Rhode Island, Colorado and North Carolina over the tax issue. The company does collect sales taxes in some states, including its home state of Washington.

Barnes & Noble said it collects and remits sales tax due from its online sales, and added that terminated Amazon affiliates are "welcome to join" its affiliate program.

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