Report: Department store retailer in data breach

Saks Fifth Avenue is the latest retailer to compromise the personal data of some of its shoppers.
Saks inadvertently exposed personal information, including email ad-dresses and phone numbers of some of its shoppers on its online shop-ping site this weekend, according to BuzzFeed News
The information has since been taken down. The exposed data were vis-ible only via a specific link on the Saks site, one where customers went to join a wait-list for select products.
Saks’ e-commerce site is maintained by the digital division of its parent company, Hudson’s Bay Company.
In the report, a spokesperson from Hudson’s Bay Company said, “We want to reassure our customers that no credit, payment, or password in-formation was ever exposed. The security of our customers is of utmost priority and we are moving quickly and aggressively to resolve the situa-tion, which is limited to a low single-digit percentage of email addresses.”
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