Report details moms’ shopping habits

New York City -- Almost 80% of respondents in a national survey of moms’ shopping habits said that the recession has permanently altered their shopping habits, inducing overall cuts in spending by purchasing items on sale and using coupons. The survey was conducted by the online shopping site Totsy.

The survey, “Mom Shopping Trends Report,” revealed that price, quality and value are the most significant factors in determining purchasing decisions. More specifically, Boomers' purchases are driven most by the overall value of a product while younger moms focus on low prices. Though moms are most likely to reduce spending on travel, beauty products and entertainment, they continue to spend on special occasions, most often splurging on winter holidays and birthdays.

In the survey, 86% of moms said they have purchased items from online sale sites and 32% of the respondents place this category in their top three cost saving strategies. Moms from Generation X and Y are most likely to refer friends or families to their favorite online private sale sites. One  in two moms even shop online with their children, letting them choose the items they want and familiarizing their children to online shopping early on.

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