Report: Email remarketing boosts e-commerce conversions, revenues

Boston – Email remarketing to online customers who visit e-commerce sites but do not make a purchase can significantly boost conversion and revenue rates for online retailers. According to a new report from the SeeWhy Conversion Academy analyzing 80 Demandware-based e-commerce sites, “The ROI of Email Remarketing for E-commerce and Brands,” on average, 97% of visitors to e-commerce sites don’t make a purchase.

Sixty percent e-commerce visitors will click on at least two pages before leaving without making a purchase. The most popular reason non-buying e-commerce visitors give for not making a purchase is they are not ready (52%). In addition, only 0.25% of first-time visitors make a purchase, but a little more than 2% of repeat visitors make a purchase, as do almost 19% of visitors who get as far as the online shopping cart.

The report finds that email remarketing to visitors who do not make a purchase is an effective means of driving return visits, which leads to the previously higher conversion rates, resulting in an average 5.4% lift in e-commerce revenues.

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