Report: FTC May Drop Administrative Whole Foods Case

Washington D.C., The U.S. administrative proceeding looking into the merger of organic grocers Wild Oats and Whole Foods Markets has not been stopped despite a loss in district court. However, Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Chairman Deborah Majoras said on Tuesday the FTC rarely presses on after losing a court fight, according to a Reuters report.

Last month, the FTC failed to win a temporary injunction in federal court to stop the merger while the agency's administrative examination of the deal unfolded. A federal-appeals court upheld the decision on Aug. 23, and the two companies merged within days.

Asked about the case at a U.S. House of Representatives Judiciary Committee hearing, Majoras said the agency's administrative process against Whole Foods had not been stopped but added: "It's been a very rare case when we've (pursued administrative action) when we've lost in district court."

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