Report: HVAC vendor confirms possible link to Target breach

Minneapolis -- Fazio Mechanical Services Inc., a heating and refrigeration vendor based in Sharpsburg, Pa., has reportedly confirmed it was the victim of a cyber attack that may have allowed hackers to gain access to financial and personal data of millions of Target customers. According to the Associated Press, the Secret Service confirmed it is investigating Fazio, which released a public statement acknowledging the investigation.

The investigation centers on a hack of a data connection Fazio dedicates to electronic billing, contract submission and project management for Target. The company said it does not remotely monitor actual heating/refrigeration activities and that it does not use the compromised connection for any other clients.

"Like Target, we are a victim of a sophisticated cyber attack operation," Fazio president and owner Ross Fazio said in a statement. "We are fully cooperating with the Secret Service and Target to identify the possible cause of the breach and to help create proactive initiatives that will further enhance the security of client/vendor connections making them less vulnerable to future breaches."

Target declined to comment in the article.


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