Report: Judge to review J.C. Penney-Martha Stewart contract situation

Plano, Texas -- Legal wrangling about J.C. Penney Co. selling Martha Stewart-branded home goods is reportedly continuing. According to The Motley Fool, a hearing has been scheduled for Sept. 25 to review allegations in the New York Post that J.C. Penney plans to terminate its contract with Martha Stewart Living.

A long-running lawsuit centers on whether Penney had the right to develop in-store Martha Stewart-branded boutiques it planned in 2011, but never built. Lawyers for Macy’s say the boutiques violated an exclusivity agreement, while layers for Martha Stewart Living and J.C. Penney say the contract Macy’s drafted for Martha Stewart Living was vague and poorly written, leaving room for other retailers to sell some products.

New York State Supreme Court Justice Jeffrey Oing is expected to deliver a verdict in the case shorty. However, if J.C. Penney does intend to end its Martha Stewart Living contract, that could affect how he rules.


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