Report looks at CFOs and sustainability

New York City -- Although many CFOs have sustainability on their screens, some have yet to fully engage with the new risks – and opportunities – that the "sustainability imperative" presents, according to a survey conducted by Deloitte.

The study, “Sustainable Finance: The risks and opportunities that (some) CFOs are overlooking,” finds there is considerable opportunity for CFOs to shape their companies' strategic responses to sustainability issues.

Among its key findings:

  • Many CFOs are engaged with sustainability issues as they relates to core finance activities like financial auditing and reporting, compliance, and risk management.
  • Only one-third of CFOs describe themselves as fully involved in sustainability strategy and governance; one-fifth plan to get more involved in the next two years.
  • Nearly half of the CFOs surveyed are planning capital investments that will support the implementation of sustainability initiatives.

The report proposes a number of specific questions that CFOs may want to ask themselves about their readiness to act as leaders in sustainable businesses – and offers corresponding actions for them to take. The report can be downloaded from

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