Report: Raley’s offers to buy out 100 employees

West Sacramento, Calif. Supermarket chain Raley’s announced that it will buy out 100 union and non-union employees, according to The Sacramento Bee.

The chain recently offered buyouts to approximately 3,000 store clerks, but it will honor the option to the first 100 employees who respond. According to the severance agreement, the chain will offer 75%, or nine months worth, of the employee’s 2008 earnings in a lump sum.

Raley’s, which currently employs 15,000 associates, expects the buyouts to create positions for the many workers who were let go following the 2008 holiday season. The seasonal layoffs are a common practice for the retailer.

Besides getting interest from employees, the article reported that Workers Local 8-Golden State union in Roseville, Calif., is bullish on the program, too, and reported that the buyouts seems to be an effort “to eliminate or reduce any layoffs,” according to an e-mail from the organization.

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