Report: Retailers continue to invest in green

Miami -- Retailers are continuing to invest in sustainability initiatives, even during tough economic times, according to a new report by RSR Research entitled "Lean and Green: Sustainable Practices Are Changing Retail, Benchmark 2010.”

"We saw in last year's report an increased interest in store-based green initiatives, and that continued very strongly this year," said Steve Rowen, managing partner at RSR Research and co-author of the report. "While our survey shows that many retailers have made inroads in this area, they also report that they have a lot more work to do in stores to both increase efficiency and reduce waste in stores."

The research also revealed a certain amount of impatience by retailers with regards to consumers lack of spending on green products. When it comes to consumer demand, we definitely saw a certain amount of impatience.

“But we saw a real opportunity for retailers to do more to educate consumers about the things they're doing in other areas of the business - things that ultimately benefit consumers in their own neighborhoods,” said Nikki Baird, also a managing partner at RSR Research and co-author of the report.

The report, which contains recommendations for creating successful green strategies, can be downloaded here.

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