Report: Retailers must think differently about mobile commerce ROI

Boston – According to a new report from the Universal Commerce Innovation Exchange and Aite Group, “Strategies for Mobile Investments – Ensuring Success,” retailers need to think differently about how they achieve ROI from their mobile commerce strategies. This different mode of thinking includes:

Customer-channel. Mobile does not exist as a single channel. It is inherently cross-channel, linking different channels and locations and also encompassing social media and search activities. Consideration of mobile commerce ROI must take this wide cross-channel scope into account.

Channel interplay. The inherent cross-channel nature of mobile also means whatever happens as a result of mobile commerce strategy in one channel impacts the customer experience in other channels. In addition, customer dissatisfaction with the functionality of a mobile device results in brand dissatisfaction.

Holistic. Mobile commerce strategies must be holistic to deliver maximum ROI. Successful targeting of customers with location-based mobile coupons will still result in failure if store staff cannot locate products or otherwise.


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