Report: Ron Johnson not stepping down

New York -- Another day, another J.C. Penney story. Amid rumors that Penney chief executive Ron Johnson was stepping down, the chain flatly denied the allegations.

“Ron Johnson is not quitting or resigning from J.C. Penney and he has no plans to do so,” Joey Thomas, a Penney spokesman said in an e-mail reported by Bloomberg. “The rumors are false.”



- 6:43 AM
JiminGA says

He has many more deck chairs to rearrange on the Titanic before he leaves.

- 8:21 AM
pkaye says

The damage is done, once the board ousts Ron Johnson, his successor will preside over the death of an institution. Junior department stores like Kohl's and Bealls can thank Ron Johnson for the influx of customers. He still retained many while JCP was flushing inventory but once his ELP boutiques were in place he not only alienated the bargain shopper but he failed to lure the boutique shoppers from Macy'sDillard'sds, and Saks...

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