Report: Sainsbury in talks to license brand match technology

New York -- J. Sainsbury Plc is in talks with retailers in the United States and South America to license the technology behind Sainsbury’s Brand Match, a price promise that has fueled sales outperformance, according to a report by Bloomberg.


The Brand Match program ensures shoppers don’t pay more for branded goods such as Coca- Cola at Sainsbury than at competitors by checking more than 14,000 items, including offers and promotions at the point-of-sale. Customers are given a coupon if an item is priced cheaper at a rival.


According to Sainsbury, the number of customers who believe it sells brands at the same price as other supermarkets has risen to 80% from 68% since the initial pilot of Brand Match in August 2011, the report said. The company issues millions of coupons a week to customers under the program.


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