Report: Sears arms associates with iPads and iPod touches

New York City -- Sears has given store associates more than 5,000 Apple iPads and 11,000 iPod touches to track inventory and customer orders, Lou D’Ambrosio, CEO, Sears Holdings Corp., said in a Bloomberg report.

In the article, D’Ambrosio also took on critics who have complained that Sears has not invested enough in its stores. The chain is spending less than a quarter of the $8 per square foot that retailers typically invest to maintain stores, according to International Strategy & Investment Group, according to the report.

“Sure we want to have stores that look nice so we’re investing in fixtures, paint and new designs but store appearance in itself isn’t enough,” D’Ambrosio said. “Borders had great bathrooms but that didn’t help them because they missed the e-book revolution in their industry.”

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- 9:54 AM
mgoldman says

I dont get it. Here is a company that is closing stores due to a complete lack of executive leadership with no direction at all and they are giving associates ipads to assist customers. This makes no sense at all. How about figure out how to address your internal issues with stores before adding an ipad expense to your already lagging profit margin. Think about those associates and store teams now losing their jobs due to poor focus as a company.

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