Report: Smartphones impact customer expectations

New York City -- A recent survey by Deloitte found that the proliferation of smartphones – coupled with social network popularity -- has had a significant impact on what consumers expect from retailers and their in-store shopping experience.

The survey found that 43% of smartphone users say they have used their phones specifically in a store to assist with their shopping. However, 37% said that they wanted to use a smartphone inside a store but couldn’t because of internet access and connectivity issues, making the case for retailers to consider providing Wi-Fi access in the store.

Forth percent of those surveyed said they interact with retailers through social networking sites. And of the respondents who use social networking sites to connect with retailers, 63% use it to find out about promotions, and 56% use it to browse products.

The survey also found that consumers expect access to retailers via smartphones: 24% of all survey respondents expect their favorite retailers to provide them with access to information via downloadable apps, social media and mobile alerts. In addition, 17% said that retailers’ use of social media, smartphone apps and mobile technologies has made it easier for them to shop.

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