Report: Tesco opens world’s first 'zero-carbon' supermarket

New York City Tesco Plc has opened what it claims to be the world’s first “zero-carbon” supermarket, according to the Cambridge News.

Located in Ramsey, England, the supermarket is built on a frame made from sustainable timber and has skylights calibrated to allow in natural lighting without raising the heat level. Vents control natural airflow to reduce energy, and the power the store does need is created by an on-site generator that runs on renewable sources such as spent vegetable oil, the report said.

Heating for the store is also provided by the generator, rainwater is used to flush the toilets and in the car wash, and gases, which have almost no impact on the environment, are used in the refrigerators.

There is also a rainwater collection system to provide water to flush toilets, as well as to be used in the on-site car wash.

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