Report: Ukrop’s Cuts Back on Gas Discounts

Richmond, Va. To compensate for dropping fuel prices, Ukrop’s Super Markets cut the savings offered in its gasoline discount program by 50%, according to an article in the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

The grocer launched its “fuelperks!” loyalty program in June when gas prices were exceeding $3 per gallon. As shoppers hit a $50 spending threshold, which could be reached during multiple store visits, they would earn a 10-cent discount.

On Tuesday, Ukrop’s Web site reported that customers can “save 5 cents per gallon with every $50 spent at Ukrop’s.” Shoppers have three months to redeem their fuelperks!, after they have been earned.

“This adjustment coincides with the more than 50% reduction in the cost of fuel since we began the program. With this change, fuelperks! remains the best program in the market to save on gas,” Robert S. Ukrop, the chain’s president and CEO, said in a letter to customers.

It is uncertain if Ukrop’s will extend the program beyond March 28 , the article reported.

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