Report: Wal-Mart illegally punished strikers

Bentonville, Ark. -- The National Labor Relations Board has reportedly determined that Wal-Mart acted illegally when it disciplined and fired employees who had been involved in strikes and other labor protest activities. According to the New York Times, the board investigated actions taken last year against about 100 Wal-Mart employees in stores across 12 states including California, Colorado, Texas and Massachusetts.

The board also reportedly determined it found evidence that a Wal-Mart spokesperson who said there would be consequences for employees who did not show up to work as scheduled on Black Friday last year had illegally intimidated workers.

The board authorized the filing of a complaint by Wal-Mart workers but first is giving time for the two sides to reach a settlement. A Wal-Mart spokesperson told the Times that the company did not break any laws in how it treated employees last year and does not engage in employee intimidation or retaliation.



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