Report: Wal-Mart sets waste-reduction goals

New York City Wal-Mart Stores wants to eliminate all waste by reducing, recycling or reusing everything that comes into its 4,100 American stores by 2025, and for its British operation, Asda, by 2010, according to UK Times Online.

The retailer recently hosted its fourth annual Sustainable Packaging Expo in Rogers, Ark., at which it discovered a cardboard box, made by Interstate Container, which stays waterproof for two weeks. The box is biodegradable and made of recycled cardboard and may help the chain meets its recycling goal, UK Times Online reported.

In highlighting the chain’s commitment to energy efficiency and sustainability, the report noted that the retailer had asked its air-conditioning suppliers to cut the energy use of their AC units. In response, Lennox developed an air conditioner that exceeded the U.S. Department of Energy standards by 60%. According to UK Times Online, Lennox now has the contract for all Walmart stores.

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