Report: Walmart brings moms together in focus group meetings

New York -- Walmart brought together 10 moms in Nashville, Tenn., on Wednesday night to air their thoughts about the economy , the federal government and their own household incomes. The gathering — one of several that occurred in different locations throughout the nation — was part on an annual focus group organized by the chain, reported CNNMoney. This year, the discussion focused on a subject very much in the headlines: budgets.

CNNMoney watched a live webcast of the Nashville focus group (the women used only their first names), which occurred shortly before the vote to reopen the federal government.  

A dominant theme that emerged at the Nashville focus group was cutting back as the women related stories of how they have reduced big purchases, worry about paying for their children’s school trips and the like. On the positive side, all 10 women said things will get better.

With regards to the goings-on in Washington, the women agreed that the  system is broken. As they debated on just who was to blame for the shutdown, they said that women would do a better job in office.


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