Report: YouTube targets Vine, Instagram with new app

San Bruno, Calif. -- YouTube is reportedly challenging the Vine video app from Twitter and Instagram video app from Facebook with its own new video app called MixBit. As reported by the New York Times, MixBit allows users to record up to 16 seconds of video (compared to 15 seconds for Instagram and six seconds for Vine) on their smartphones.

However, the difference comes in with the ability MixBit provides to mix and edit up to 256 individual video clips together into a video that can run up to one hour long and be shared via Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus or a new MixBit website YouTube is providing. Users can also edit publicly available video clips on the MixBit site.

The New York Times quotes YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley as saying the main point of the service is actually to encourage the remixing and resuse of existing YouTube content. MixBit videos must be released anonymously and do not allow viewers to post comments. Versions of the app for Apple and the web are reportedly available, with an Android version coming soon.



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