Reports: Target takes steps in response to breach

Minneapolis – Target Corp. continues to take steps in response to the holiday data breach that may have exposed the personal and financial data of up to 110 million consumers to hackers. The Wall Street Journal reports that Target shut down remote access to two internal sites in the aftermath of the massive attack.

The two sites are an employee-facing human resources site called eHR and a supplier-facing site called Info Retriever. Target reportedly reopened supplier access to Info Retriever the week of Jan. 13. Employees can still gain access to eHR via in-store kiosks, while suppliers relied on email access to information between Dec. 19 and an unspecified date the week of Jan. 13. A Target spokesperson told the Wall Street Journal limiting remote access to the sites was part of the retailer’s response to the breach.

In addition, the Wall Street Journal reports that Target is ready to move forward with issuing chip-based credit cards. Target ran a three-year, $40 million pilot of chip-based credit cards with Visa but ended the program in 2004.


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