Restaurant chain deploys system to reduce energy use

San Diego The Jim ‘n Nick’s Bar-B-Q chain is deploying the “EcoView Commercial” smart energy-management system from Advanced Telemetry across multiple sites to significantly reduce each restaurant’s electricity, natural gas and other resource usage and adverse its environmental impact.

In a test of the system at select locations, the chain realized substantially lower electricity and natural gas consumption, resulting in lower utility bills for an average of $1,000 per month in reduced electricity costs per location. The restaurants also realized an average 16% decrease in natural gas consumption per location during the winter heating months.  The chain subsequently initiated a full-scale rollout of the system to its entire network of restaurants across six states: Alabama, Tennessee, Atlanta, South Carolina, North Carolina and Colorado.

“We were thrilled to discover EcoView Commercial not only because of its economical price point, but also because the system is specifically designed for small commercial facilities like ours, is networked, operates independent of a utility company, is feature-rich, and can be managed from afar through the Web,” said John Michael Bodnar, CFO of Jim ‘n Nick’s. “We found other energy-management system options not only cost-prohibitive, but also inferior with respect to features and functionality.”

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