Revel Systems partners with local retailers on pop-up in San Francisco

San Francisco -- Revel Systems, a leading provider of iPad point-of-sale solutions, has opened its first pop-up store, in historic Ghirardelli Square, San Francisco. The initiative is a joint effort between Revel Systems and PopUpShopUp. The Revel pop-up is designed as a multi-use space hosting a variety of QSR & retail businesses that Revel has invited to be given the opportunity to have a physical store for the first time.

"We are seeing that urban development groups and businesses are willing to work together to establish temporary retail spaces in major cities across the states. One of the biggest barriers to entry for many small businesses has been payments and a proper POS system, which Revel has made easy," said Steven Lucero of PopUpShopUp. "

A total of 15 local merchants will be using Revel for their business operations at Ghirardelli Square.

This collaboration is one of the first of its kind where a technology vendor is empowering makers and SMB's to combine the best of payments innovation while using the historical legacy of the iconic Ghirardelli Square to innovate San Francisco's maker movement with a new and exciting retail experience in a temporary space.  

"Our informal motto at Revel is the American Dream in a box. As a startup, we understand how hard it is to get a business up and running, which is part of the reason why we wanted to help local businesses through this initiative," said Lisa Falzone, CEO and co-founder of Revel Systems. "This event has allowed merchants to get setup in literally 24 hours. With the addition of the pop-up store concept, it has never been easier for businesses of all sizes to get off the ground and thrive. We invite you to come down and see our 12 merchants in action all this week."

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