Revolve connects data analysis points

Redwood City, Calif. -- Online fashion retailer Revolve is leveraging the eCommera Dynamic Action solution to perform daily analysis of a broad set of data points. By analyzing disparate information ranging from search and affiliate data to merchandising and shipping data on a unified basis, Revolve seeks to improve its business decision-making.

Aided by the SaaS-based solution, Revolve can analyze areas such as profitability impact, media waste, product availability and customer purchase history from a single viewpoint, ranked by the profit the organization could generate by addressing each need.

“What I love about DynamicAction is that it merges together strategy consulting, business analytics, and a very deep knowledge of the data sources from which the issues stem to truly solve business problems,” said David Pujades, COO of Revolve. “We have a keen understanding of our data, and PhD mathematicians working internally on our analytics, but the value that DynamicAction can potentially bring to the table is simply something that cannot be hired internally. DynamicAction intends to link every aspect of our business, from marketing to merchandising to shipping and returns, to unveil areas of concern or growth opportunities and propose corrective actions ranked according to expected profit to the company.”


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