RILA lauds sales tax fairness in California

Arlington, Va. -- The Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) said Friday it is applauding the impending implementation of sales tax fairness in California, which stands to even the playing field between bricks-and-mortar retailers and online competitors.

Beginning Sept. 15, online-only retailers, such as, will begin collecting state sales tax in California. “Modern retailers operate in a competitive environment that requires them to compete on price 24 hours a day both in the store and online,” said RILA president Sandy Kennedy. “Closing the loophole that has given Amazon and other e-tailers an unfair competitive advantage over brick and mortar stores is essential to a free market economy that is void of government picking winners and losers.”

RILA continues to call for a federal solution that will end special treatment for online-only sellers. “A level playing field where every retailer competes on price in a free market is the right prescription for innovation and job growth in the retail sector,” added Kennedy. “Congress can give these job providers a big boost by enacting e-fairness legislation by the end of the year.”

California joins Texas and Pennsylvania this year in requiring Amazon to begin collecting sales taxes. New Jersey and Virginia will require the same in 2013.


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