RILA report: Same-store sales rises suggest rise in consumer activity

Arlington, Va. -- After same-store sales reports on Thursday showed strengthened performance among most major retail chains, the Retail Industry Leaders Association said that November results may suggest that consumer activity is on the rise, and could indicate the strongest holiday shopping season retailers have experienced in recent years.

“Retailers are more optimistic this year than they have been in several years, evidenced by inventory levels higher than a year ago,” said RILA president Sandy Kennedy. “Retailers have approached the 2010 holiday season eager to attract value-conscious consumers to their stores and earn their business.”

Retailers are carrying more inventory this year compared with last, but by only a small margin. This year’s inventory is expected to strike a good balance to sufficiently meet consumer demand, according to RILA.

Discounting is expected to continue this holiday season, but the reductions are projected to be less drastic than last year. With regard to promotions, an uptick in social media and mobile strategies is expected. On-line strategies include free shipping, special on-line discounts, friends and family discounts, on-line coupons and discount promotions.

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