Rite Aid improves, redesigns website

Camp Hill, Pa. -- Rite Aid Corp. said Monday it has redesigned Riteaid.com to a more personalized and engaging version.

Rite Aid worked with digital and healthcare communications firm Razorfish Healthware on the project.

“Today’s customer expects more from their online experience than ever before, so it’s critical that our website not only meets but exceeds their expectations,” said Ken Martindale, COO, Rite Aid.

Navigation improvements include reducing the number of clicks to reach different areas of the site. Key areas such as wellness+, pharmacy and Rite Aid’s online store are prominently displayed in the header, with drop-down menus that offer access to the information and services most-sought after by customers.

Webpages feature clean layouts, larger pictures and provide more opportunities for Rite Aid’s online visitors to share content and interact socially.

“Before embarking on the redesign, we spent a significant amount of time studying and understanding what consumers want from their online experience,” said Martindale. He said that research showed that 80% of visitors to Riteaid.com also visited a Rite Aid store, “meaning the online experience we provide is a key driver of our in-store business. By creating a website that is easy, informative and engaging, we’re not only elevating the Riteaid.com online experience, we’re setting a solid foundation for growth of our in-store business, too.”


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