Rue La La enhances mobile app

Online retailer Rue La La will be leveraging Artisan Mobile’s Artisan Optimize platform to enhance its mobile technology.

"We are excited to be working with Artisan Optimize to directly impact the results of our mobile app," said Gerry McGoldrick, VP, Marketing, Rue La La. "Through their technology we are learning what drives conversions and, more importantly, we are able to make changes quickly and easily to keep consumers engaged."

Artisan Optimize enables real-time A/B testing of existing native mobile applications without the need to write code or submit changes to an app store. According to the company, customers can design tests using its intuitive user interface, see side-by-side comparisons of how different app versions perform and push out permanent updates to users without resubmitting to an app store. Artisan Optimize is also capable of A/B testing more complex areas such as navigation schemes, workflows and business logic.

"Just like we’ve seen with websites, small changes can make a big difference in results when it comes to mobile apps," said Bob Moul, CEO, Artisan. "With Artisan Optimize, we’re taking the guesswork out of evaluating app design and performance, giving our customers deep insights into user behavior and the ability to rapidly iterate designs to drive maximum results."

Artisan Optimize is the first of several products on the Artisan MEM platform. Additional products on the platform include Artisan Analyze, which allows retailers to gain deep insights into user behavior and app usage without coding, and Artisan Personalize, which allows retailers to segment and target audiences with personalized app experiences.



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