Saban Brands taps former Iconix VP to help expand reach

Daniel Castle, former Iconix VP of international and business development, will be joining Saban Brands as the company’s managing director of strategic business development.

From his time at Iconix, Castle is bringing with him experience in creating joint ventures and forging strategic partnerships that changed the company’s influence and prominence around the world. His ability to create partnerships that work to everyone’s benefit shows, in part, in his fashion label, Castle Starr, which he built up largely through the working relationships he fostered between himself and retailers.

This will serve him at Saban Brands, which works to expand the reach of its clients’ products and services globally.

“The ability Saban Brands has to create content and its success in the entertainment space allows the company to support licensees at a different level than traditional IP companies,” Castle said. “I look forward to helping the company and its brands increase their global footprint domestically and internationally.”

Equally excited is Saban Brands President Elie Dekel, who said that Castle is “the perfect executive to help expand Saban Brands on a worldwide basis.”



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