Sainsbury's selects Quantum to optimize inventory

Leading United Kingdom retailer Sainsbury's has chosen the software and services of Quantum Retail Technology to optimize its fashion and general merchandise inventory through improved allocation and replenishment functionality.

The retailer's selection of Quantum’s technology marks another win for the Minneapolis-based company making a name for itself with tier one retailers it helps maximize the value of inventory investments through allocation, replenishment and order planning solutions. Other top retailers Quantum has worked with in the past year include Marks and Spencer, Guitar Center, The Children’s Place and Famous Footwear.

“Sainsbury’s is world renowned for the innovative ways they focus on their customers and business,” said Steve Buege, CEO of Quantum Retail. “We look forward to working in close partnership with the Sainsbury’s team and helping to deliver the growth ambitions of both fashion and general merchandise categories.  This is an exciting project for Sainsbury’s and Quantum is pleased to have been selected as a partner.”

Sainsbury’s is poised to benefit from Quantum’s inventory solutions because its allocation and replenishment tools provide comprehensive and granular insights of product demand coupled with an ability to quickly act on those insights to realize a greater percentage of full priced sales, according to Quantum. The company also contends its solutions continuously learn, dynamically analyze and then respond to changes in demand for every product and channel to present shoppers with the items they want, and where they want to buy them.

Lastly, Quantum’s solutions offer maximum flexibility and usability with an intuitive and automated product design so that retailers are able to focus on other parts their business and their customers. According to Quantum, its exception driven interface, with built in business alerts and workflow strategies, provides effectiveness and productivity.

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