Sam's Club event asks "will it grill?"

BENTONVILLE, Ark. — Grilling is the theme of Sam's Club's annual "Spring Taste of Sam's Club" event, and the retailer is inviting members and non-members to sample some unexpected grilling options at its free event taking place Friday, April 27 to Sunday, April 29 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

With the help of Joshua Bousel, the meatmaster at Serious Eats and host, Sam's Club is grilling frequently shopped items from fire-roasted avocados and watermelons to angel food cake and waffles to explore which items can handle the flame-grilled heat.

"An extended grilling season means backyard chefs may want to think beyond the burger to discover new recipes that will bring a twist to the traditional barbecue staples," said Bousel. "Sam's Club offers plenty of inspiration around fun, fresh ingredients to sear, marinate and roast. By taking advantage of their wide assortment, I'll be able to expand my menu choices and easily entertain my guests."

Joshua Bousel's grilling adventures with unusual ingredients will be captured on video and highlighted on the Sam's Club Facebook page starting April 23. During this timeframe, members are encouraged to step off the sidelines and contribute their own wacky "Will it Grill?" items.  From pizza and eggs to oranges and waffles, members can tweet @SamsClub using the hashtag #SimpleSavings or "Like" to share what unexpected items they would like to see sizzle. The most unique ideas will be featured on the week of April 25.

"Our annual Spring Taste of Sam's Club event is an interactive way for members and non-members to prepare for grilling season and 'try before they buy' our selection of fresh meats and seafood, fresh produce, beverages and gourmet-to-go bakery items," said Shawn Baldwin, SVP fresh/freezer/cooler and demos at Sam's Club. "The Sam's Club 200% freshness guarantee on these items also means families can feel confident about serving top-quality meals throughout the summer grilling season."

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