SAP releases rapid cloud deployment solutions

Walldorf, Germany – SAP AG is releasing cloud-based Rapid Deployment solutions designed to simplify deployments and move existing SAP applications to the cloud with best practices in a predictable manner that helps minimize business disruption while new solutions are implemented. SAP Rapid Deployment solutions follow a universally applicable approach for customers deploying across the cloud, on premise or in hybrid landscapes.

The solutions include best practices-based implementation content and risk-reducing methodologies. The assemble-to-order methodology enables businesses to deploy multiple solutions in the cloud or on premise in a way that supports business outcomes through a framework of proven guidelines, content, tools and methods. For example, customers can explore the new SAP user experience in the cloud, on top of running business processes contained with best practices of the SAP ERP Foundation Extension package.

"Businesses that want to move to the cloud often face the difficult task of identifying what information and processes they need and how they can move without disrupting daily operations," said Dr. Bernd Welz, executive VP and global head, solution & knowledge packaging, SAP. "SAP Rapid Deployment solutions make cloud implementations a non-issue. Customers can make a business decision, explore the solution, experience a guided solution implementation and enjoy the merits of the cloud without concerns on how to best implement a new cloud solution, integrating cloud solutions from SAP with on-premise solutions or migrating to SAP Cloud powered by SAP HANA."


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