SAP: Start back-to-school promos later, focus online

Walldorf, Germany – Retailers should consider waiting until August to launch back-to-school promotions and focus them heavily on online shoppers. According to new data from SAP, consumer sentiment toward back-to-school advertising doesn’t become positive till the end of July.

Sentiment hangs lower than negative 20% before July and only shows a positive margin after Aug. 1. And while running a commercial provides little value, deals and sales receive positive sentiment year-round. SAP’s research actually suggests retailers should time promotions to match the buying season of certain products. For example, apparel, supplies, and electronics, all goods associated with back-to-school, sell better in August.

In addition, in 2014, 50% of shoppers purchased back-to-school items online. This marks a 13% increase from 2013 to present. If the trend continues, online shopping is set to outpace in-store back-to-school shopping in 2015.


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