SAQ Selection/Samsung Electronics Brand Shop


Specialty Food SAQ Selection Laval, Quebec Design: Aedifica + SidLee, Montreal

Soft lighting, wooden floors and wall paneling combined with simple slate-grey fixturing make for a warm, inviting and uncluttered setting at SAQ Selection. The 8,200-sq.-ft. wine and spirits store is designed to help customers in their quest for the right purchase, and to make it easy for them to discover new products. Highlights include a color-coded “taste profile chart” at the entrance that serves as the basis for identifying wines throughout the store and a rare-wine cellar complete with a tasting lounge.

The essence of the Samsung brand is infused throughout the design of Samsung Electronics’ new European prototype. Premium materials, such as wood, stone and leather, are paired with a refined and modern design language that provides a mark of differentiation in the competitive consumer electronics market. A brightly colored green wall indicates a specialty zone for interaction with store employees; all other wall surfaces feature a signature Samsung print wallcovering. A floating staircase draws visitors to the second level of the 3,500-sq.-ft. store, where they will find a home-styled vignette, complete with kitchen, outfitted with Samsung products.

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