Saturn/America’s Mattress


Showroom Saturn Danbury, Conn. Design: Design Forum, Dayton, Ohio

Saturn engages customers with a format based on the idea of an interactive museum. In line with the company’s new, more stylish models, the environment is sleek and contemporary, enhanced by the familiar curves of the brand’s logo, modern graphics and furnishings, and bold use of Saturn’s signature red. The design flips the traditional car showroom layout. In a switch, vehicles are displayed around the perimeter and the consultation areas are in the center. Cars are displayed in a gallery-like setting, with graphics that emphasize each specific model. Interactive kiosks allow shoppers to access information on color, trim and other features. Consultation stations remove barriers and allow employee and shopper to view the same monitor—and information.

Acontemporary environment, featuring the company’s signature white and vibrant blue hues, delivers a strong brand message at America’s Mattress. The 3,500-sq.-ft. showroom is designed as a prototype to be followed by franchisees. The use of furnishings and drywall ceilings define the different functional areas of the space. Among the unique design elements are “framing projector” light fixtures that frame the outline of each individual mattress on display, a custom carpet pattern made to emulate mattress quilting and the use of LCD monitors to display the product line.

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