SC Johnson hopes to wipe away waste with Windex refills

RACINE, Wis. — SC Johnson has introduced Windex Mini, a concentrated refill pouch that uses 90% less plastic packaging than a traditional 26 fluid ounce trigger bottle.

According to SC Johnson, data shows U.S. consumers are not keen on refilling their household cleaning bottles and is hoping the launch of Windex Mini will help the company understand why that is the case.

“By conservative estimates, a flexible pouch saves six times as much plastic waste that goes into a landfill compared to a traditional bottle,” said Fisk Johnson, Chairman and CEO of SC Johnson. “Refilling with a concentrate is an example of a very small behavior change that could make a real difference in minimizing waste. But many people don't want the inconvenience. We want to crack the code and figure out what it would take to make concentrated refills an accepted – even demanded – choice.”

The product is being sold directly by SC Johnson at in three-packs of “snip ‘n’ pour” pouches.

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