SC Johnson scores another sustainability win

Consumer goods manufacturer SC Johnson continues to make progress on an ambitious waste reduction goal by securing “zero landfill” status at its eighth global manufacturing facility.

The company has set a target of reducing its global manufacturing waste by 70% by 2016. From 2000 to 2012 the company reduced its waste by 62% as a ratio to production.

The most recent facility to achieve zero landfill status is located in Manaus, Brazil. In recent years the facility implemented several initiatives that increased recycling rates, reduced packaging and expanded access to environmental education. SC Johnson's other zero landfill facilities include two in China and one each in Pakistan, The Netherlands, the United States, Poland and Canada. Through 2012, 10 of SC Johnson's global manufacturing facilities achieved waste diversion rates of at least 90%, according to the company.

"As each of us looks to reduce the amount of waste we generate and increase recycling rates both at home and within our community, SC Johnson is committed to identifying innovative and scalable ways to minimize our global manufacturing footprint," said Kelly M. Semrau, chief sustainability officer at SC Johnson. "Waste reduction – and achieving zero landfill – is a key role in our business strategy to continuously innovate, making even better products in the most sustainable way possible."

In the case of the facility in Brazil, it has prevented an average of 91 tons of waste per year from being sent to landfills and has increased its amount of recycled products by 16%.

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