School supply company sees a ghost

School supplies manufacturer It’s Academic announced a new partnership the manufacturer of a vanishing grid line technology.

It's Academic said it would use the patented Ghostline grid line innovation on its dry erase products such as Dry Erase Notes. Owned by Second Sight Enterprises, the Ghostline technology employs faint grid lines that help keep writing and design elements neat and organized, but seem to disappear at a distance, eliminating the need for measuring and drawing lines before beginning a project.  Commonly available on posterboards and notepads, this is the first time that Ghostline will be available on dry erase products, according to It’s Academic.

"Our dry erase boards and are increasingly used in classroom settings, and grid lines help kids with letter formation, setting up math problems, creating tables – lots of things." said Bruce Shapiro, president and founder of It's Academic.  "With the Ghostline lines, a single board can be used for both drawing and grid activities."

"We're very excited that Ghostline will now be available on dry erase boards," said Barbara Russell Pitts, VP Second Sight Enterprises and co-inventor of the Ghostline patent.  "This opens the door for many applications, both in the workplace and in education."

It's Academic will integrate the Ghostline technology into several of its product lines.  It's Academic products are available at major retailers including Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Meijer, Office Max, Staples, CVS, Fred Meyer, Kroger, HEB and RiteAid.

Founded in 1995, the company manufactures and distributes high-function, high-tech school and home office products under the It's Academic and Lockermate brands.

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