SDL Survey: Consumers expect same pricing, discounts and sales across channels

Maidenhead, United Kingdom -- Sixty-nine percent of shoppers expect a brand’s online store, mobile app and physical store to offer same pricing, discounts and sales, according to a survey by SDL that looked at the mobile and social media habits of consumers in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Singapore.
The survey also found 62% of respondents use a mobile device at a brand’s physical location to compare products and prices. And, nearly one third of respondents in all locales use a brand’s mobile app or web site when looking to learn more about a brand from their mobile device. These results confirm that consumers function seamlessly across channels when interacting with brands and as part of their experience is an expectation of consistency and value.

SDL Campaign Management & Analytics also found the “showrooming” trend is still very much relevant, with 77% of respondents confirming they “showroom.”

The online survey also looked at how consumers are using social media when interacting with brands. Key findings include:

  • A third of U.S., U.K., Australian and Singapore respondents have claimed promotions on social media.
  • More than half of respondents (58%) share positive experiences and seek advice from friends and family when they talk about brands on social media.
  • U.K. respondents complain about service on social media more than U.S., Australian or Singapore respondents.
  • When they do express feedback, Facebook is the most popular choice across all locations.

“It’s clear from the survey results that consumers want brands to improve the dynamic between online, mobile and in-store to meet up with their expectations of a consistent experience,” said Joe Stanhope, chief strategy officer, SDL Campaign Management & Analytics.

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