Search for exceptional causes four-month store closure

Target plans to close one of its Portland, Ore., area stores later this week in order to complete extensive renovations the company says are needed to deliver an exceptional shopping experience.

The company said it planned to temporarily close the store, but permanently relocate is more like it. Plans call for the existing structure at 1400 N. Hayden Island Drive to be leveled and used as a parking lot for a newly constructed, 138,000-sq.-ft. store with fresh groceries a few feet away. The new store is slated to open in October as part of a larger renovation of Portland’s Jantzen Beach shopping center which occupies a unique piece of real estate called Hayden Island that sits in the middle of the Columbia River and serves as the boundary between Oregon and the city of Portland to the south and Washington and the city of Vancouver to the north.

The shopping center is undergoing extensive renovation as developers look to revitalize the shopping experience and re-establish Hayden Island as a destination. A Walmart supercenter is said to be coming to the area in 2013.

Target operates a total of 14 stores in the Portland and Vancouver market, but the locations on the Oregon side of the Columbia River benefit from cross border shopping as Washington charges sales tax but Oregon does not.

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