Sears Holdings wins EPA Energy Star’s highest honor: the Corporate Commitment Award

Hoffman Estates, Ill. -- Sears Holdings Corp. said Thursday that it has earned the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Energy Star program’s highest honor: the Energy Star Corporate Commitment Award.

The award was given in recognition of Sears leadership in energy efficiency and commitment to continuous improvements. Sears is the fifth corporation to earn the distinction in the EPA's history, and is the first company to receive the award since 2005.

Since 2006, Sears has achieved a significant 1,371,648,000 kWh in electricity savings. Performance reports from EPA's energy management tool, Energy Star Portfolio Manager, illustrate Sears' progress, specifically a 6.5 kBtu/sq.-ft. reduction (4.31%) in 2011.

"Sears Holdings has so fully integrated the ENERGY STAR program into our energy goals, it has become a part of our DNA," said Mike LeRoy, energy director for Sears Holdings. "With Sears' expansive building footprint encompassing thousands of retail stores nationwide, we emphasize best-in-class energy management as a powerful tool to reduce our environmental impact."

In addition, Kmart achieved Energy Star Leaders recognition for reducing energy consumption since 2008 by more than 10% in its portfolio of buildings. Sears said that since January 2008, Kmart has reduced energy consumed in its buildings by 11.4% through lighting retrofits at more than 860 facilities, the use of building energy management systems, and sound energy disciplines.

Sears has been involved with Energy Star for more than 13 years. It earned the Energy Star certification for 151 buildings in 2011.

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