Security provider Feedzai enters U.S. market

San Mateo, Calif. - Feedzai, a data science company that uses real-time, machine-based learning to prevent fraud, it is now available in the U.S. market. With its foray into the U.S. market, Feedzai will begin selling to payment networks, banks and retailers to prevent fraud in omnichannel commerce.

Feedzai technology fuses machine learning and lets analysts predict and prevent electronic payment loss in real time based on behavioral analysis and understanding of the way consumers behave when they make purchases, online or in-store. The software uses massive data, including mobile and social data streams, to create deep learning profiles for each customer, merchant, location or POS device, with up to a three-year history of data behind it. This data helps acquirers, issuers and retailers mitigate risk, guard every transaction and preserve the customer experience.

“As the 2013 retail season just closed, the discussion of fraud in omni-channel commerce bubbled to the surface due to a number of data breaches,” said Nuno Sebastiao, CEO of Feedzai. “Consumers are buying across physical and digital channels and it is important for fraud prevention systems to work across all technologies, from legacy systems to new mobile card readers. Online sales are still hovering around 6% of all retail sales, and recent events have shown that fraud is not just an online problem. Our software has the ability to analyze data from any platform to detect breaches by as much as ten days earlier than other solutions and expose more fraud cases, all with lower false alarms.”

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