Sen. Schumer, tech firms agree to location analytics code of conduct

New York - U.S. Sen. Charles E. Schumer, The Future of Privacy Forum (FPF) and a group of location analytics companies including Euclid, iInside (a WirelessWERX company), Mexia Interactive, Solomo, Radius Networks, Brickstream and Turnstyle Solutions have agreed to a code of conduct to promote consumer privacy and responsible data use for retail location analytics.  

The companies responded to privacy concerns raised by Senator Schumer and the FPF about the use of this new technology. The code of conduct includes in-store posted signs that alert shoppers that tracking technology is being used, and instructions for how to opt out.

Under the code, companies that collect data through this technology must limit how the information is used and shared and how long it may be retained.  The code mandates that companies de-identify the data and explain in their privacy policy how they do so. Companies are required to get opt-in consent when personal information is collected, or when a consumer will be contacted. The code calls for opt-out consent where the information collected is not personal. In addition, this data cannot be collected or used in an adverse manner for employment, health care or insurance purposes.

“The code puts the choice in the consumer’s hands and gives them an easy way to opt out of having their device seen when they’re in the store,” said Jim Riesenbach, CEO of iInside, during a phone interview with Chain Store Age. “Some retailers already allow this on a company by company basis, but the code allows consumers to opt out once and have it carry across the entire retail industry. Mobile location analysis technology is really starting to take off in the retail industry and we need to ensure retailers take a solid, stringent approach to consumer privacy.”


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