Sephora streamlines product submissions

With so many new beauty products hitting the marketplace, Sephora needs to ensure it is offering the right product mix to its loyal shoppers.
Sephora offers 14,000 products from 200 carefully curated brands. Yet, new cosmetic innovations continue to be introduced on a seemingly daily basis. By adopting a new online platform, Sephora can streamline product discovery and its buying efforts.
Called RangeMe, the solution optimizes new product discovery between suppliers and retailers, and gives retail buyers an efficient way to manage the inbound product submission process. The solution also increases product suppliers and manufacturers’ access to retail buyers and control over the marketing of their products.
Promising to expedite the time it takes for retailers to source products at scale, the solution is designed to increase sales and drive Sephora’s competitive advantage. 


- 7:01 AM
Karl H. Mellin says

If it works it is a great way to stay ahead in innovations and cool new products. furtheron it give the retailer a competitive edge to their market players.

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