The Shoe Gallery improves operational efficiency with Celerant

Staten Island, N.Y. -- The Shoe Gallery has stepped up inventory control with the help of Celerant Technology Corp. The chain has been using Celerant’s real-time, retail management system, Command Retail, to manage all areas of its retail operation for the past seven years. 

It is also using the supplier’s Style Matrix tool, a three-dimensional graphical representation of all the SKUs by size, width, and color, to improve operational efficiency.

“With the Matrix we can see what we have in stock and what we’ve sold and we can easily buy our most popular items and restock,” said Shoe Gallery CFO Will Brooks. “If we didn’t have the size/width/color matrix, we’d have to revert back to pen and paper and go to the sales floor and stock room to count the inventory before placing reorders. With Celerant, I can look at the Matrix and create a purchase order with ease. It’s saved so much time!”  



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