ShopAdvisor taps new chief data officer

ShopAdvisor, is a mobile service that reminds consumers of the things they want to buy later on, has named Peter O’Kelly as chief data officer. He will lead the company’s efforts to turn its collection of intent and affinity shopping data into offerings for media providers, marketers and retailers.

In this newly created role, O’Kelly will be responsible for developing and executing a strategy that leverages contextual insights gathered through the company’s native applications, website and platform to better inform all aspects of commerce, from the consumer’s in-app experience shopping, to brand advertising on websites, to mobile experiences in brick-and-mortar.

“Our platform gathers an enormous amount of data that not only reveals affinity for particular brands and products, but also enables us to predict intent at the moment of discovery,” explained CEO Scott Cooper. “Peter’s deep experience in helping to build businesses around unique data assets is paramount to our ability to turn our insight into actionable tools that benefit a broad range of constituencies.”

O’Kelly has been working in the software industry since the early 1980s, as an enterprise application developer and database architect, software product manager, strategist and industry analyst. He has been consistently focused on information management and collaboration domains throughout his career, spanning roles at Procter & Gamble, Lotus Development Corp., IBM, Groove Networks, the Patricia Seybold Group, Macromedia, Burton Group, Microsoft and Altova. During his time as an independent industry analyst and consultant, O’Kelly worked with a wide variety of enterprises and product vendors focused on information management and collaboration/social solutions.

“ShopAdvisor has the opportunity to create a commerce graph unlike any that exist today,” said O’Kelly. “I’m excited to be working with the ShopAdvisor team to make sense of the wealth of data that consumers entrust to us, and to strategize new ways to leverage it to the benefit of our users as well as our media, advertising and retail partners that seek innovative ways to stay competitive in today’s fierce retail environment.”



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