Shopper trends revealed in BrandSpark, BHG study

NEW YORK -- BrandSpark International, along with Better Homes and Gardens, released the top shopper trends from the third annual Best New Product Award (BNPA) American Shopper Study, which surveyed more than 63,000 Americans.

According to the study, when it comes to food and health, Americans are becoming more concerned about their choices. The survey found that eight in 10 consumers are looking for products that are healthy, five in ten consider themselves overweight, seven in 10 are trying to reduce their consumption of processed foods, six in 10 consumers are looking for food products that can reduce the risk of major health issues, and seven in 10 consumers are concerned about the amount of fat in their diet.

The survey also found that buying local food is important to consumers, with nearly six in 10 Americans consciously trying to buy foods that are local, an increase from five in 10 a year ago.

In the area of beauty, the study found that consumers are looking for products that are well priced, simple to use and that are proven effective (the top 3 drivers).

The survey revealed some interesting perceptions on private labels. Six in 10 consumers consider private label over-the-counter health products as good as brand name, but only four in 10 believe the same for beauty products, the study found. Five in 10 shoppers believe the best new innovations come from brand name products and four in 10 also still consider themselves loyal to brand names.

When it comes to choosing where to shop, the survey found the top three factors for consumers are: the products shoppers always need are in stock, the retailer has the freshest products and the shelves are clean and well organized.

According to the survey word of mouth has a bigger influence over certain categories. For example, more than eight in 10 consumers will try new food products without having received a recommendation, but only five in 10 tend to be first to purchase new beauty products. Eight in 10 American shoppers will tell friends and family when they get a deal on something, while six in 10 shoppers are likely to buy a product that is recommended by others.  

The importance of a trusted brand is high for all categories including food, health and beauty and household products, according to the survey

Mobile devices have become an important tool in the shopping process, the survey found. Making or storing shopping lists and downloading coupons are the most common shopping tasks performed on smartphones. In addition, one in four shoppers are likely to use coupons sent to their mobile device, including 40% of those 18 to 34 years of age.  


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