Simon Property Group: 100% of malls now recycle

Indianapolis -- Simon Property Group said Thursday that 100% of its enclosed regional malls and Mills value properties now offer waste recycling to merchants.

"The fact that every one of our enclosed properties is now recycling cardboard is an accomplishment that makes us proud," said George Caraghiaur, senior VP energy and procurement at SPG, who coordinates the company's sustainability efforts. Caraghiaur also noted that pilot programs are underway for plastic film recycling and composting of food waste.

Simon said it has depended on the commitment and efforts of its tenants to reach the 100% participation mark.

In addition to waste recycling, Simon said it focuses on energy efficiency as a core sustainability strategy. Through the continued use of energy conservation practices, energy efficiency projects, and continuous monitoring and reporting, Simon said it has reduced energy consumption at comparable properties every year since 2003. As a result, excluding new developments and expansions, the company reduced the electricity usage over which it had direct control by 299 kWhs since 2003. This represents a 26% reduction in electricity usage across a portfolio of comparable properties and reflects significant operating savings. Simon's documented reduction in greenhouse gas emissions resulting from its energy management efforts is 210,000 metric tons CO2e.

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